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Shustoke Barn Wedding Photography – Kate & Sam

27/05/2021 | Wedding

I think by now we are all well aware of the challenges 2020 presented, and how they are now extending deep into 2021. So it was great excitement that I was able to join Kate & Sam at Shustoke Barn just outside Coleshill just before Christmas 2020. Due to the restrictions at the time the number of guests was reduced to just a handful of close family and friends, but it’s ok as they are already planning for a bigger 2nd wedding once the world is back to normal.

It was a brisk bright December morning when I arrived, just perfect really. The good weather continued all day, with some stunning evening light just as we were all leaving. Everyone was waiting for us at Shustoke Barns, and it was a little strange to see people gathered there, it was my biggest wedding of the year and well under 30 people! I think it just concentrates the anticipation and nerves, my favourite part of any wedding.

I don’t think you can really tell from these pictures that the 2nd half of this wedding hasn’t even happened yet! After the ceremony itself we had a short time for pictures and then it was time to go. Kate & Sam returned home for a lovely meal at home and we all started to look forward to the big party later in 2021.

Covid may have changed a good few things in the short term, but here is the proof that it hasn’t changed everything, and a stunning wedding day is still totally possible with careful planning and a few compromises. I’ve always enjoyed a smaller wedding, it was a personal choice for my own and that was wayyyyyyy before we’d even thought of lockdowns and social distancing. So if you are planning your own wedding in these times, just know that nothing can take away the core values and fun of a wedding, how ever big or small it needs to be…