Kasiuss – Wonders Prevail – Rock Video Behind The Scenes

A few months back I was lucky enough to be invited along by Ben at FTAV to shoot a Behind The Scenes video for local band Kasiuss. Ben was the lighting designer and had set up an impressive stage in the main hall at the Harrogate International Centre. An amazing crew was all in place who could can briefly meet on the video. The day was loads of fun, as you will see…

You can see the full and final video on various TV channels at the moment, or here on YouTube…

If you ¬†like this track you’ll love the 2010 EP, which you can download via the Official Kasiuss Website, iTunes or Amazon. I can’t wait to hear the new tracks in the new year, I think 2011 could be a massive year for Kasiuss !!! Spread the word !!!


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