Laura & Richard – St Cwyfans Church, Anglesey Wedding Photography

A little different this one! I was 2nd shooter for my good friend and most excellent photographer Tom Arber. I Googled the Church before we set off for the wedding, I knew St Cwyfans Church, tucked away on the coast of Anglesey, was going to offer up something special. I was quite prepared for just how special.

Tom has kindly agreed I can share these pictures on my own blog. So thanks Tom for that 🙂 It can be a real breath of fresh air to be a 2nd photographer, the pressure is off a little and you have the freedom to capture all the stuff you might not normally be able to.

Turning the corner into the cove and seeing St Cwyfans Church sat out right out and the edge of a stony beach, almost in the sea even at low tide is just spectacular. A simple unfussy Church, yet one of the most beautiful I have even been in. It’s history dates back more than 800 years to the 12th century. We were lucky to be greeted with both a low tide and a bright blue sky. I can imagine not all Church goers are that lucky every Sunday morning! The causeway out to the little island the Church sits on floods at high tide, so the Church takes the full battering of what the sea can deliver. I was chatting to the verger after the ceremony and he told me the Church requires constant painting and roof repairs to keep it in the condition we see today.

There is no electricity on the island, so the Church is simple, unfussy and small inside. Just the natural light pouring through it’s small windows to light proceedings. This leads to some dramatic and special lighting. Laura & Richard had planned an intrmate wedding ceremony for their closest family and friends. I’m not a religious man myself, but a place like St Cwyfans Church gives me closest thing I’m ever likely to get to a spiritual experience…

St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-001 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-002 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-003 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-004 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-005 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-006 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-007 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-008 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-009 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-010 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-011 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-012 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-013 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-014 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-015 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-016 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-017 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-018 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-019 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-020 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-021 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-022 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-023 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-024 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-025 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-026 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-027 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-028 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-029 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-030 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-031 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-032 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-033 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-034 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-035 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-036 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-038 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-037 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-039 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-044 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-043 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-042 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-041 St_Cwyfans_Church_Wedding-040

I hope one day to return, a truly memorable day, one I won’t be forgetting in a while!


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