Shropshire Wedding Engagement Shoot – Jess & Ben

Shropshire is a beautiful place, and since moving back here 2 years ago I’ve been looking for the ideal place to meet people for their wedding pre-shoot engagement photographs. There is so much choice around Shropshire it was hard to know where to start. When in Leeds the choice was pretty easy, Granary Wharf was ideal. But out here in the country it was hard to know where to choose. I live in Ellesmere, but the Mere here can get a bit busy, Shrewsbury is a little far away and parking can be difficult. So I had made a list of places to try.

2020 has kind of got in the way of itself from a wedding point of view, and I did have people booked in at various spots to try. But sadly all the shoots (and the weddings!) have got postponed. But, Jess & Ben were determined to keep on track and we decided to meet in the little village of Clive, just outside Shrewsbury. From there we took a short walk up Grinshill, taking pictures as we chatted about the big day.

From the top you can take in a wide panoramic views of Shropshire, Staffordshire, Mid-Wales and Cheshire. A good reward for quite an easy walk.

It proved itself to be the idea spot. It’s been a long time personal favourite spot of mine anyway, and now I get to share it lots of lovely people! So here it is, my new preferred pre-shoot location. Scroll to the bottom for my pre-shoot top tips…

My pre-shoot (engagement) photo shoot tips…

What to wear? Something that you feel comfortable in. The thing to remember is the photos are about you as a couple more than anything else. So don’t over think it, imagine you are going for a meal out on a Friday night. Leave extra bags and coats in the car, less fuss and clutter is better.

Should I bring the dog/cat/Grandma/Child – No. Escape all that for an hour, just the two of you is enough. We don’t need the distraction, and there are cliffs at the top so we will never get pictures done if we are looking after others.

Do we have to kiss? That is entirely up to you. Part of the purpose of the experience for me is to figure out what you want from your photos and what makes you tick. I want you to be relaxed, so don’t feel you have to do anything you don’t want.

I don’t like having my picture taken! No, nor me. Lots of people don’t and it’s one of the most common things I hear. But it’s funny how many people say that but if you look them up on Instagram they are all over it like a wet fish. So come along with an open mind, relax and let me worry about it. Jess & Ben have been kind enough to allow me to share some of their photos with you, but by default no one has to see them unless you share them yourself. So no pressure.

Do I have to do a pre-shoot? No, not if you don’t want. But it is a nice thing to do, I enjoy it and hopefully you will too. A photographer is slightly different to most other wedding suppliers you’ll use. I’ll be there most of the day, every time you turn around I’ll be somewhere in the background. So it’s nice to get to know each other a bit more, and get some great pictures as a bonus!

My left is my good side, will you only photograph me from that side please? Don’t be daft, this just make me want to see what is wrong with the right side! Seriously though, I do sometimes hear this and I’m more than happy to chat about anything like this during the pre-shoot itself.


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