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Dawn & Duncan’s Tractor Shed Wedding

Yep, that’s right, Tractor Shed Wedding…


What Dawn & Duncan did was awesome and unique! Isn’t that what weddings are all about…


Tractor_Barn Wedding_0001 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0002 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0003 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0004 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0005 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0006 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0007 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0008 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0009 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0010 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0011 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0012 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0013 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0014 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0015 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0016 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0017 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0018 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0019 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0020 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0021 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0022 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0023 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0024 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0025 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0026 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0027 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0028 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0029 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0030 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0031 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0032 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0033 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0034 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0035 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0037 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0038 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0039 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0040 Tractor_Barn Wedding_0041


I think so! Hard to find the words to describe the day, but I loved it!

Victoria & Harry’s Nostell Priory Wedding Photography

2014 is certainly keeping us guessing and Victoria and Harry’s day was no different. On the way in the morning I wasn’t too sure what the weather was going to do, but the good old British Summer got there in the end…


Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0001 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0002 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0003 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0004 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0005 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0006 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0007 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0008 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0009 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0010 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0011 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0012 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0013 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0014 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0015 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0016 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0017 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0018 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0019 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0020 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0021 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0022 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0023 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0024 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0025 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0026 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0027 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0028 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0029 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0030 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0031 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0032 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0033 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0034 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0035 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0036 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0037 Nostell_Priory_Wedding_0038


Victoria & Harry had a great day at Nostell Priory, and the continued to party late into the night. They booked my evening photo booth to make sure it really got going…



Charlotte & Johan’s Newburgh Priory / PapaKata TeePee Tent Wedding Photography

I love a PapaKata wedding, there is just something so nice about them. No matter what the weather the atmosphere is always great, just what you need for a wedding. Newburgh Priory made the perfect location for it too. I loved the owners relaxed, friendly and welcoming approach to letting people hold their wedding within their beautiful grounds.

Charlotte & Johan were very lucky, they had planned a wonderful day that even got me nearly crying at one point…


Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0001 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0002 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0003 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0004 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0005 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0006 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0007 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0008 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0009 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0010 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0011 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0012 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0013 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0014 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0015 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0016 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0017 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0018 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0019 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0020 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0021 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0022 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0023 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0024 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0025 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0026 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0027 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0028 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0029 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0030 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0031 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0032 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0033 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0034 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0035 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0036 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0037 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0038 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0039 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0040 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0041 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0042 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0043 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0044 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0045 Newburgh_Priory_Wedding_0046


So what got me almost to tears ??? The Speeches! Right at the end one of Johan’s Swedish Cousin’s jumped out of his seat and started singing. Then another cousin joined in, and another, and another. Wining a few minutes all the Swedish family were singing, clearly something they had practiced well, and they ended on “All you need is Love”. A truly special and unexpected moment! I went home with that warm wedding glow, which is what the whole thing is about really !!!

Kim & Ahmad’s Woodlands Hotel Wedding Photography

Bright a cheerful was the order of the day for Kim & Ahmad’s wedding at the Woodlands Hotel just outside Leeds! I’m loving the colours of Kim’s flowers….


WoodlandsWedding_0001 WoodlandsWedding_0002 WoodlandsWedding_0003 WoodlandsWedding_0004 WoodlandsWedding_0005 WoodlandsWedding_0006 WoodlandsWedding_0007 WoodlandsWedding_0008 WoodlandsWedding_0009 WoodlandsWedding_0010 WoodlandsWedding_0011 WoodlandsWedding_0012 WoodlandsWedding_0013 WoodlandsWedding_0014 WoodlandsWedding_0015 WoodlandsWedding_0016 WoodlandsWedding_0017 WoodlandsWedding_0018 WoodlandsWedding_0019 WoodlandsWedding_0020 WoodlandsWedding_0021 WoodlandsWedding_0022 WoodlandsWedding_0023 WoodlandsWedding_0024 WoodlandsWedding_0025 WoodlandsWedding_0026 WoodlandsWedding_0027 WoodlandsWedding_0028 WoodlandsWedding_0029 WoodlandsWedding_0030 WoodlandsWedding_0031 WoodlandsWedding_0032 WoodlandsWedding_0033 WoodlandsWedding_0034


It was a pleasure to capture Kim & Ahmad’s special day for them, a lovely relaxed couple and I hope the photographs reflect that :)

Ruth & Tim – Wedding Photography Highlights

After quite a gap the 2014 wedding season has begun! Ruth & Tim had organised some super cool Italian Job Mini’s, as well as a STRECH MINI LIMO!¬†And had put un unbelievable amount of effort into dressing the room and the flowers, this one has to be seen, top marks for effort girls…


SheffieldWedding_0001 SheffieldWedding_0002 SheffieldWedding_0003 SheffieldWedding_0004 SheffieldWedding_0005 SheffieldWedding_0006 SheffieldWedding_0007 SheffieldWedding_0008 SheffieldWedding_0009 SheffieldWedding_0010 SheffieldWedding_0011 SheffieldWedding_0012 SheffieldWedding_0013 SheffieldWedding_0014 SheffieldWedding_0015 SheffieldWedding_0016 SheffieldWedding_0017 SheffieldWedding_0018 SheffieldWedding_0019 SheffieldWedding_0020 SheffieldWedding_0021 SheffieldWedding_0022 SheffieldWedding_0023 SheffieldWedding_0024 SheffieldWedding_0025 SheffieldWedding_0026 SheffieldWedding_0027 SheffieldWedding_0028 SheffieldWedding_0029 SheffieldWedding_0030 SheffieldWedding_0031 SheffieldWedding_0032 SheffieldWedding_0033 SheffieldWedding_0034 SheffieldWedding_0035 SheffieldWedding_0036 SheffieldWedding_0037 SheffieldWedding_0038 SheffieldWedding_0039 SheffieldWedding_0040 SheffieldWedding_0041 SheffieldWedding_0042 SheffieldWedding_0043


The weather even held out at Cubley Hall for the entire day, which is always a good thing! Also always nice to see lovely people again, you may have spotted I photographed Amy & Dan’s wedding last year and they had star roles as Chief Bridesmaid and Bestman here! I know Ruth & Tim had an amazing honeymoon in Australia, I hope it was the perfect start to many many years together.

Wedding Albums – Why I Only Offer the Very Best UK Made Albums

In this age of digital imagry physically printing your wedding images may seem to be somewhat old fashioned, but  Wedding Albums buck the trend and are something most of my couples seek out and want to see when choosing a Wedding Photographer. Many go on to order an album with me once they have their images.

Viewing images on a laptop is ok, but a back-lit screen is never going to show the images as I intend them to be seen. All prints are not created equally either, sure you can get prints made for under 10p these days, but these prints won’t have had careful attention to detail to get the most from the image, which is why I pride myself on the printed products I offer.

I offer albums and prints made right here in Yorkshire by a great company called Folio. It’s a difficult choice putting all your eggs in one basket, but when you know something is right it’s just right! When ever I get an album back from them I take a good look through it and I am always impressed by the quality, the fine art prints always look exactly how I want them to and I am yet to find prints that are more impressive.

I felt very lucky to be invited recently to make a short video called “Handmade” about Folio and the craft that goes into each and every album, you can currently see that video on the front page of their site, or just watch it below…



Here is a look behind the scenes of the video production…


Folio Albums BTS


As you can see Stewart is very passionate about his product, as are all the chaps (and chapettes) at Folio. This passion for their product flows down to every detail, I found the attention shown to the prints to be incredible, the leather work to be impressive and the overall care the team show for their clients albums to be inspirational. Those that know me well will know that is not praise given easily.


I am proud to be using a world class product sourced locally, it makes both economic and environmental sense to seek out such suppliers. I am proud to offer Folio Albums to my clients, they are the very best way to preserve your images for generations to come.


Here are a few shots I took of the team…


Meet Folio_0001 Meet Folio_0002 Meet Folio_0003